Ok kids... another esl teacher named Jon in Japan 
(http://Jon.Berman.net) has also been accumulating
a list of schools that have shafted their teachers.
I think, between the two of us we have a lot covered. 
However, for every bad school there are five good
ones so don't let this discourage you. But of course,
buyer beware.
Another factor which must be taken in account is 
that these schools are franchised.  So if a school 
like F.L.S (for example) has a miserable reputation
this does not mean every FLS is bad - just the one 
in that particular area, with that particular boss.  
- Research your particular school!!! 

There is absolutely no claim to the accuracy of 
this document. No longer will any e-mail address be 
posted, unless specifically requested to do so.

Ding Ding Dang - Taegu: March 12, 2002

I did like the school and some of the Korean
staff are wonderful folks - the children are angels
and wonderful.  The boss and his wife who runs the
school are disrepectful and unconsiderate of the
English teachers.  They tend to manipulate them
because once the English teachers are here (at
school's expense) they think the teachers will just do
as they are told.   Unfortunately they did not
anticipate for me to complain, and challenge their
"power" to change the schedules as they so pleased.   I
would go out of my way for them on many occassions, as
I would clean the classrooms, the office, take out the
trash and wipe down the glass doors.  The place tends
to get very dirty.  They serve lunch at the shool to
the children, and you can imagine how the children
will spill food all over the place.  There are three
split shifts for the teachers and four for the
students.  I would end up cleaning the desks of food
stains so the next class could have a clean place to
sit at.  The Korean teachers don't clean.  However,
there is one Korean person who is responsible for the
cleaning but it seems she is always doing something
else and the garbage just piles up.
The apartment which the school provides is not really
safe, as the bathroom light switch,(wires are expose),
does not work properly.  I have repeatedly asked that
it be fixed, to no avail.  The apartment is so old
there are bugs of all kinds everywhere.  I have also
aksed the place be sprayed, nothing.  I have been out
of hot water for two weeks, because the director who
gets the heating oil for the apartment seems to have
no time.  I have been heating the water on the stove
and using a big 5 gallon can to bathe.  I would gladly
go and get my own oil, but where and how?   I really
believe that the upper staff at this school just don't
care.  They don't realize that experienced teachers
have a lot of valuable input that could benefit them.
They don't care. Daegu is a beautiful city to come and
OF EMPLOYMENT.  Ding Ding Dang is the name of the

Doug, I have this very strong feeling he will not pay
my last month.
Yes, there is another English teacher here just 2
weeks from Canada - Tronato area. He arrived here on
the 28th of Feb.. He is also not happy with the
schedule changes.  Our work hours have been changed 5
times in three weeks.
Thanks for the info you pasted I'll look into it later
as I got to get back to work.

Kyungnam University, Masan - Thu, 21 Feb 2002

I had an interview for an English teaching position at Kyungnam University, 
Masan on November 11th, 2001. On December 5th, 2001, I received the 
following email from the interviewer:

"This email is to notify you of an official offer of a teaching position 
here at Kyungnam University. I would appreciate it if you could give me an 
"official" response via email, and then I will submitt all of your paperwork 
to the hiring committee for the preperation of your contract and 

I duly accepted the offer and my email was acknowledged as having been 

Being confident as to the solidity of this message I declined two further 
interviews at other institutions and waited patiently for a contract to 
arrive, which I presumed would be nearer to my start date of March 1st, 

On February 18th, I telephoned the University and was told that the man who 
had offered me the job was no longer in charge and had returned to the U.S. 
I was also told, "there is no job for you here". No apology was offered and 
no explanation as to why I had not been informed of this.

Yours sincerely

Kyungnam University - Masan

Though the administration has been good about
honouring contracts, the director of the foreign 
teaching staff, Kim Wei Saeng, is irrational and 
impossible to work with. He does not know how to 
deal with foreigners working in Korea, and is petty, 
vindictive and thoroughly disliked by Koreans and 
foreigners alike. He has often resorted to threats,
following teachers activities while off duty,
and subtle innuendo to intimidate foreign faculty.
So far this year, two instructors hired by Dr. 
Kim Wei Saeng have left mid-semester fed up
with his behavior.
Again we, three former instructors at Kyungnam 
University, strongly recommend that as long as
Kim Wei Saeng is the the language director at
Kyungnam University, that you find another 
university at which to work.

Sejong Hogwon - Yang Sun:  Sat, 9 Feb 2002 

Dear Sir 

I am a New Zealander and I have had quite
a bad experience teaching English in Korea.And in
particular I would like to list Sejong Hogwon in Yang
Sun City 30 minets from Busan.At the start of {2001}
was lied to right from the beginning back in NZ.I was
told that I would get my own single private
apartment.Just before I went there,I was asked if I
would like to live at the directors apartment for two
weeks as a cultural experience.

Well the cultural experience turned into
three months during this time,I had to live with his
whole family,his mother his wife and his children.I
had no freedom privacy or individuality.During this
time I frequently asked him to provide the promised
apartment,which was also stipulated in my
contract.After all this he said that there was an
apartment.It was just down the road and he told me to
take a look at it, and tell him what I thought.

The apartment was an absolute dump.It
was a dirty little hut that had no bathroom no
furniture or anything in it.The toliet was was a small
shed about ten meters from the hut.It was a long drop
toliet which had no flush system.It was dirty filthy
and disgusting.So I told him my opinion about the hut
etc.After this he told me that he couldn't afford a
decent apartment and asked me if I could stay with his
family for the rest of the contract.

I told him that I could not do what he
wanted.After that I arranged a good cheap apartment
through some other English teachers that I knew in the
area.He did not agree to this.His excuse to me was
that it was to far from the school.But I found out
that he said that he did not want to invest that much
money in a teacher.So I quit that job but he would not
give me a letter of release until I paid him 500,000
won. I'm pretty sure it's illegal under Korean law to
charge for a letter of release.

The director there has no excuses as
his English is excellent. He spent five years in
Australia during that time he achieved a university
education.He understands the western cultural value
system of privacy, feedom and individuality  very
well. But he couldn't care less about western people
and their culture. And in my case he just wanted me to
live with him and his family,so that he could
manipulate control and monitor me,as well as geting
free English lessons.On the outside he seems like a
very nice caring and considerate man.But on the inside
he is full of lies deviousness and dishonesty  he
couldn't care about you or your cultural values  or
making your stay in Korea a good experience.He only
sees you as a business proposition and his aim is to
save and make as much money as he can.

As far as my teaching experience at
the school is concerned. My time table was continually
changed and I was continually shunted into different
classrooms in the school.So I was unable to get into a
good teaching rythum or routine.I ended up sharing the
computer room with one of the Korean computer
teachers.I didn't like this as this room largely
consisted of glass doors and windows were everybody
could peer in.And often the other children would
disturb the classes which I found extreamly
frustrating and annoying.So be warned and beware do
not work at Sejong Hogwon,Yang San city thirty minutes
from Busan.The director {owner} of the school is
nothing but a liar.
Last but not least I went through
an agent named Sally Kim formally of Gold Valley.She
said that if anything went wrong,that she would help
and that she was my friend. I went to her for help
during my time at the school.But she didn't help and
when I quit I asked her for to help me get another
job.Her excuses were that the company didn't help
anyone that didn't finish their contract.And that her
only responsibility was to introduce me to the
school.And her last excuse was that she wouldn't help
me because I had a British accent and the schools that
she recruited for wanted a teacher with an American or
Canadain accent.

Also she only gave the school a
two month guarantee on the recruiting fee.So she made
sure that if their were any problems she could just
take her money and run.All this amounted to the fact
that she washed her hands off me.I'm not sure who she
works for now or if she is still in the teacher
recuirting business.As the www.goldvalley.co.kr web
site doesn't seem to exist anymore.But I would like to
list her as well.     

The reason I am telling you about
my experiences of the above  school and recruiting
company is that recently.I was offered another job in
Yang San City and I told the experience to the
prospective school. She rang Sejong Hogwan and the
director told more lies about me. So I am not putting
up with these kind of lies any more. I'm going to put
this school on as many Internet blacklists as I can.
And I am going to register the school at all the
English speaking embassies and consulates in
Korea. Hope to hear from you soon.


I want to warn teachers, interested in working in
Korea, as well as the recruiters out there about this
language institute.  The name is commonly known as ECC
Eunpyung.  It is in the northwest corner of the
capital,Seoul.  To be clear,I worked for this
institute for 4 years.  I had seen many teachers both
Korean and Native English come ago in that time,as
well as 4 academic directors(they are responsible for
the performance of the teachers they hire).  I have
worked with competant directors and as of late some
not so competant.

   Over four years I gained much responsibility and
what I thought was respect.  I recruited
teachers,trained and assured them that it was a good
school.  As long as I was there to help everyone. I
became the senior teacher and also the assitant to the
academic director.

  I did not break my contract or leave because of ill
treatment.  In my time there I watched the changes in
the overall ESL industry in Korea.  Such as better
pay,hours etc.

  This ECC institute does not feel it necessary to
change with the time.The owner has said and I quote
"Teachers need and want my money".Not realizing that
teachers don't need or want 'less' money for working
more hours than other schools who pay more money for
the same hours of work.Also the owner of the school
does not take an active part in the business.  Over
four years of working there I can honestly say that
she may visit the office 3 times a month.  Not the way
to run a school I think.

   The academic director I worked closely with during
my last contract did not take initiative in improving
the work standards of the employees.  Not until after
I made it aware to the management that teachers would
not perform and the quality of teaching would drop if
the conditions didnt change.  The director also lacked
the ability to communicate to both Korean and Foreign
Native teachers.  Due to her own inabilities and lack
of experience. Again the onus falls on the owner who
is not interested in proper education but the
inflation of her wallet.

  The owner states that contract conditions cant
change in the middle of a contract.  They altered my
contract at my request.  Therefore the claim is a
lie.They can and do change the conditions.  They also
do not adequately inform new teachers of the duties
and responsibilities a teacher has to follow.  Yet
another flaw in the academic directors inability to do
her job.

  Why did I stay so long if its such a bad school?  I
rose through the ranks there at a quick rate.  Gaining
extra responsibility all the time.I did the job as
assistant director to better help the school and the
staff to perform well.  I left because I DRAW THE LINE
Especially when management is the source of the

Final note.  Just BEWARE of this institute.  I worked
closely with them for a long time trying to give them
a good reputation. They did not learn.  DO NOT WORK

Also, a teacher did quit before his contract was complete,
he followed certain procedures to split amicably but they
refused. So he didnt show work.  They contacted and
told him he was fired; he said "fine".  They went to
immigration told them he fled with no notice;  untrue.
there were witnesses to the phone conversation between
the teacher and academic teacher. The academic
director tries to act tough, she tried with me as
well, making idle threats.  A lawsuit pending would not
look good on an institutes record. Not to mention the 
defamation of a teacher from his  or her employer.

And finally, myself and the teacher mentioned above
quit,so did 2 korean teachers. all at the same time. 
all of us veteran teachers. with experience and the
truth at how the institute is poorly managed.  i say
again DONT WORK for them

thank you,

Kids Herald School- Kangnam Campus: Thu, 17 Jan 2002

A word to the wise....if you are planning to make the move to Korea to
teach English please beware of the following school and the following
people. Kids Herald School- Kangnam Campus which is located in
Ilwon-Dong. If you are taking the subway it is on the orange line and
you get off at the Daecheong stop. The people running the school are Mr
and Mrs. Song who are probably in my oppinion the most vile, snake
like, cold and heartless people I have met in my lifetime. I came to
Korea in September.  The school had only been open for a few weeks when
I started and at first all seemed fine.  My first night there I went
out with the other foreign teachers and they filled me in on the
situation so far. In the first week of the school being open the Songs
had fired a supervisor and a foreign teacher..I was a little shocked at
this information. My first oppinion of the school was good and the
Songs went out of their way for me to make sure I was happy and
comfortable..but the act didn't last for long..it is just their way of
sucking you in..they did it to all of the foreign teachers there. Oh I
should also mention the Songs do not speak English which makes life
very difficult if there are things you need to discuss. From my
experience in Korea this Kids Herald School is one of the only Hagwons
with Korean English teachers working there. There are 4 Korean English
teachers who work there..and frankly they can't even string an English
sentence together most of the time..so you can imagine the quality of
English the students are getting. The Korean English teachers were doing
placement tests, level tests and they couldn't even speak proper
English..so many many students suffered due to their poor judegment and
lack of English ability which caused them to drop out of the school. If
students leave the foreign teachers get in more trouble than you can
imagine...if things go wrong it is definitly your fault as a
foreigner..the Koreans make no mistakes! When the foreign teachers
suggested it would be best for them to take care of testing new
students and placing students..we were pretty much laughed at...it is a
sad fact that the Songs don't give a damn about the education that is
being provided to their students and the quality of English..all they
care about is the almighty Won they are getting for each head that
walks off the school bus. This is true of most Korean Hagwons..but I
went to Korea because I love kids and care about them and wanted them
to learn as much from me as possible...but you can throw that notion
out the window when you start working for the Songs. When you walk
through the door in the morning for your shift they want you to act
like a clown...they expect you to wander through the school looking for
them if they aren't around when you come into the school..just to say
goodmorning..if you don't..they get really pissy about it..you aren't
allowed to leave the school on your breaks...you'd think that would be
your own time right?? WRONG...they own you..they even told us..you
can't even blink without their permission...next you are NOT allowed to
be sick..they tell you that..even though you are allowed sick days in
your contract..they won't honour them...oh you can call in sick in the
morning and they will act like it is ok..but a few hours later they
will be at your apartment knocking on your door to drag you to
school..no matter how sick you are..they don't care...they make up bs
lines like..oh the parents are calling and complaining that you aren't
at school..something they say often..which is not true..I know for a
fact..if they are angry with you for something they won't tell you they
are..they'll say a parent called in a complaint so you don't get upset
with them..99% of the time..this is absolute crap..so don't fall for
it..oh yeah..split shifts..and lots of them..also forget over time at
this school..they are the only school I have encountered that pay you
by the minute not the hour or the class..and even if you keep accurate
records of how often you work..if they owe you overtime they will find
a way to not pay you....they'll tell you your math is incorrect....or
something to that effect. They also claim there is no weekend work
involved in your contract with them..haha again BS! and any work you do
on the weekend..you don't get paid for..and if you fail to show
up..they'll come knocking at your door..it's a proven fact. The Songs
are also completely disorganized and it shows in the daily opporations
of the school..things are falling apart at the seams at that
school...and they take none of the blame..it all rests on the foreign
teachers shoulders...and they love to scream and yell at you in
Korean..especially Mr Song..and then they get even more angry when you
don't understand....they also like to check up on you all the
time..forget having your own life...they have the security gaurds in
the apartment building watching you..if they find out you are having a
party..they'll show up unannounced...not a pleasent experience..they
ask you many many questions and want to know indepth details of your
life...don't tell them..they'll twist everything to screw you when they
can...they've done it..only to the foreigners I should add..the Korean
teachers can do whatever they like and live their lives...in their
oppinion the foreigners are below them..we even had a supervisor tell
us we were low class compaired to the Koreans...next there are the
cameras...they watch your every move...when you teach you are always on
the tv screens in their office..volume on...and they have no problems
walking into your class and yelling at you in Korean in front of your
students..we had this happen to one foreign teacher..and she was very
embarrassed after the scene the Songs put on.. 
If that isn't enough information to keep you away from the school..I'll
give you some more..they had a foreign teacher who started the day
before I did...he was a great teacher and the students loved
him..however the Songs did not..he had problems with another hagwon
before he started at Kids Herald..and he needed to get a new alien
registration card and get some visa information changed..the Songs said
no problem..however they didn't get off their lazy asses to take care
of it...and in October the laws changed in Korea stating you can not
get work visas without a University degree...this teachers had TESOL
and College...anyway..two of the other foreign teachers found resumes
lying around and I found a visa application form for a new foreign
teacher..and we didn't need any new teachers at the time...anyway to
make a long story short..they had a teacher working illegally for them
for 3 months..and than canned him because they were to lazy to get the
proper information that was needed for him to work there..and then
after he found out he was out of there..they had the nerve to ask him
to work until the new foreign teacher arrived!!! but they wanted him
out of his apartment?! and they withheld his pay...well he was smart
and did a run...that was the middle of November 2001...things got much
much worse at the school after that...they went through another
supervisor...so that is 2 supervisors and 2 foreign teachers in the
first 3 months of them being open...great for business huh? It got to
the point where we all were very very miserable working there...only
the students kept our spirits up..it was like working in a prison camp
and we were the prisoners...eventually things just got to far out of
hand and the Songs were screaming at us every minute of the day...I'm
not the type of person who likes to be pushed around....and I just
couldn't take it anymore...not even the great friends.wonderful
students and fun life I had out of school could keep me there...in mid
January of 02 I was called into the Songs office...they told me that I
was in trouble for a trip I took the previous weekend to see a
friend...how it was any of their business I can't figure
out..anyway..they were super pissed off I went and they told me I was
fired....I know seems hard to believe...that someone would get fired
over that..but it's the honest to goodness truth..then they turned
around and told me I owed them like 5 grand!! for what I have no
idea...I didn't owe them a cent..they said I could stay in my apartment
for the remainder of the week so I could get their money..haha..not a
chance..within 10 hrs of being let go I was on a plane out of that
country to never have to see the Songs again...I spoke with the 2
foreign teachers left when I got to my final desination outside of
Korea..and I was told they were banned from talking to any of my
students for fear of them actually telling the kids the truth why I was
gone..one girl was physically removed from the kindergarten class where
she was telling my students why I had left...the two remaining teachers
were also given warnings after I left telling them they could be
next...it's a sad place to work with insane bosses...it gets worse with
each passing day...and it isn't worth the mental damage you'll do to
yourself working there...there are many good schools in Korea...stay
away from Kids Herald especially this one..they all have bad
reputations...this school being the absolute worst..by the time I had
left..they had gone through 3 foreign teachers and 3 supervisors..that
should speak for itself....please if you have any respect for
yourself..stay the hell away from the Songs and this school....

Kid's Herald: Pyungchon, Anyang Korea

I would caution anyone who wants to work for Kid's
Herald in Pyungchon, Anyang Korea.  The Korean head
teacher is a racist bitch and she hates the sight of
foreigners.  You will get no respect and you will have
no self esteem left after you finish working here. 
The Korean teachers constantly misunderstand what is
being said and they bring their version of the info.
to the boss who doesn't ask us foreigners about our
version of what happened.  The hate toward the foreign
teachers just builds and builds.  They are all racist
and they hate working with foreigners.  They never
tell us anything in advance and threaten with lawsuits
and so on.

Prime Language School: Gumi Fri, 11 Jan 2002

Dear Doug: 

I would like to tell you about Prime Language School in Gumi, S. Korea. 
The owner's name is  Byeoung Ho.  He is an awful employer.  He fires
teachers at the 10th month of their 12 month contracts to avoid paying
them severance pay, he often underpays, and sometimes he doesn't pay at
all.  He also hires illegal teachers and then doesn't pay or underpays
them.  His word is like the wind, always changing.  This guy is the
worst hogwan owner in the world.  Please warn other teachers to be wary
of working there. 



Eastern Language Academy 26B Sangmo-Dong Kumi, Korea 730-120

I'm in my 10th month of my contract in a small mom and pop hakwan in a
small town near Taegu. The place is a little more that one year old and
at best is mediocre. I'm the only foreign teacher and they've had
nearly a 100% turnover of Korean teachers since I've been here. The
hagwan isn't doing too well, several hagwans have opened up this year
including one just down the street--this one set up by the assistant
mangager and 3 teachers who left and started thier own hagwan. Being a
small town, the competition is pretty fierce! A lot of students have
come and gone and the recrutiment rate for new students is pretty low. 

I came into work today and out of the blue was informed that I have one
month (as per our contract)to be out of my apartment. The reason I was
given is that "20 students have quit because of me" and "the other
teachers don't like me." He can't tell me when or who, just that 20
have quit! A hell of alot more than 20 students have quit recently. The
other teachers don't even talk to me, and I don't talk to them, I
wouldn't know if they don't like me or not! I know this place isn't
doing too well, but of course since I'm the only foreigner, I'm to
blame! There is virtually no communication between me and anyone here.
I was informed about the winter change of schedule the night before it
changed, last summer I was informed about the change by phone an hour
before classes started! 

The thing is, the hagwan isn't that great and nice shiny new hagwans
have opened up nearby. This place after one year, looks like it's 5
years old with torn up furniture as well as the wallpaper hanging off
the wall in shreds. I haven't enjoyed it much but I've hung in there
since last March. The Chinese New Year holiday is in a month and
according to our contract, he has to pay a bonus for this as well as
the fact that he's basically screwing out of my last month bonus pay
and the plane ticket. More than US$2000. 

He will probably be looking for another teacher soon, so beware of this 

Jim Wentz
Kumi, Korea
Jan 2002

Andong Wonderland, Ltd: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 20:20:32 -0400

Dear Doug,

Through the telling of our experience, this message serves the purpose of 
warning people interested in teaching in Korean hogwans, or more 
specifically, of warning those foreign or Korean people interested in 
working at Andong Wonderland, Ltd.--one specific school under the national 
company of the greater Wonderland, one of the most significant and 
apparently reputable such businesses in the market.

The Wonderland Language Institutes, the first of which I believe was opened 
in 1994, have at last count 91 different schools located throughout Korea.  
While it is said that the company is of good standing, several recruitment 
agencies have admitted that some of these are not recommendable, and even 
some have been black-listed, so to speak.  To these the name of ANDONG 
WONDERLAND should be added.

Our reason for stating is a harsh dissatisfaction with our employer, Mr. W*,  
under whom Nadia and I worked from November of 2000 to November of 2001.

Our main concern regards the severence pay which he has NEVER PAID, the 
total amount of which was around 2,600,00 won (approx. 3100 $can).  We were 
told that this amount would be paid before we left, but on our last night, 
the date was pucched to the end of November.  After that, it was pushed to 
the end of December--a LIE which he fabricated in order to protect his 
own-self image.  Then, the date was pushed to January 15th, which has since 
passed.  Note that we have called and written many times, but all to no 

This has angered us significantly.  This money was crutial to our return; 
but not only that, it is our money, for which we had worked quite hard.  

Not once have we been difficult, and often we have shown great tolerence 
before his INCOMPETENCE both as a employer and as a decent human being. 

Our RETURN TICKETS themselves took much obstinate demanding and verification 
on our part, as always the awaited date of departure was pushed beyond the 
completion of our contract.  After a year in a foreign country, we did not 
need to experience such STRESS during a period which should have been 

Also, Nadia, Kirsten (another teacher at the time) and myself had worked 
four months of intensive over-time.  This, we had agreed upon when we were 
first warned about the prospect, was only supposed to last one month at the 
most--but as always LIES and FABRICATIONS were used as devices of 
MANIPULATION, playing with our naive trust in a man which supposedly--and 
should have--treated us with respect.

It also comes to mind that Mr. W* was taken into court, and found GUILTY of 
a certain affair which involved him not paying our old head-teacher.

In all, our experience does not paint a pretty picture of the man nor of the 
school.  Thus: AVOID ANDONG WONDERLAND--it makes one think of a 
monkey-operation founded on deceit and falsities.

Still greater, we wish to call WONDERLAND LANGUAGE SCHOOLS into this as 
well, for not assuming the responsibility and initiative of verify schools 
under its name.  What good is a bureaucracy is naught favorable comes of it, 
and no responsible leadership assumed?

To those who have read, we thank you for your interest.

Francois Ouellette
Nadia Robichaud

Suwon Wonderland: Tue, 4 Dec 2001

I was a supervisor here and let me tell you, did it suck!  For your
readers, I will make a list: 

Unfair wages for hours worked.  Including teaching, preparation time
and phone english conversationm they work an average of 50-60 hours a
week including Saturdays.

The boss changes the schedule daily Teachers work without breaks
Mysterious deductions in one's wages Having to work with the boss's
wife as your superior:  conflict of interest if you disagree with her
Constant reprimanding of teachers Broken promises by recruiter and
owner of the institute Ethics of school and the means by which it is
governed False accusations made against teachers without proof
Severance pay held

These are the top ten issues that I am aware and was informed of by the
owner.  Any foreign teacher who makes the decision to go there will
regret it! 

Paul Chung Ex-supervisor of Suwon Wonderland

Mokpo Wonderland - Sun, 11 Nov 2001

They almost caused a teacher to have a nervous breakdown, such was
the atmosphere. Of the teachers that have worked a year, none have come
back. The school refuses to pay me the last months salary owing.

Wonderland gets verbally abusive when asked to honour there
commitment. Requesting help from head office goes no where, so one is
left with one month worked for free. Although that is not the official
story after waiting, writing and going through channels for three
months. I don't want any other teacher to go through my experiences,
this school belongs on the grey list.

The latest postings on eslcafe write of physical beatings, the place
has gotten worse from when I worked there. Help prevent other teachers
from seeing the increasing nightmare, thanks.

Maybe other former teachers have written you about Mokpo, they had
the same nightmare. The schools website paints a pretty picture, but
they used to offer 1.7 to start, its now 1.6, all to save money. 

  If you have any questions let me know, thanks. Please do not use my
name, am unreasonable hopeful about getting that bit of salary.

Washington Language School

I worked in Korea for Washington Language school. I had many problems at the school, 
but this is standard for working in Korea. Some are as follows: 
1. Given no preparation time. Being told to teach this page as you walk to the class. 
I did ask for at least 5 minutes so I could prepare, but did not get it. 
2. Having the timetable changed when you arrive, so you are not teaching then, but 
have to wait perhaps an hour. 
3. Not given much help with finding the things for living in a foreign country.
 When the oil ran out, we were left pretty much to ourselves to find out how and 
where to buy more. 
4. The original contract was for 8 months because of my return air ticket. 
This was then changed by my employers. This was impossible for me, so I was 
then told that I did not finish my contract. Consequently, my pay was less 
and the severence pay was much less. 
5. Even being asked to sign forms in Korean without them translating or 
explaining what it is. This I had great difficulty with and ended up only
 initialising it and not signing it. They did not seem to know the difference. 

These are difficulties that we all might get in Korea, because of language 
and culture problems. However, I did not expect the following from Washington 
Language School. 
After I left, I applied for a job in China, also teaching English. 
The people for the Chinese job requested some paper showing that I worked in Korea, 
like a reference. I asked for something from Washington Language School. 
This took a long time, but they agreed, provided I write it. 
So I did. Nothing fancy, just saying I worked there, the hours and the books used. 
(They were American books used in many schools in Korea.) 
I sent that to them and waited again. No response. 
Using friends in Korea, I eventually found out that they refused to sign it
 unless I went personnally to Korea and asked for it. Then they would consider it.
 This was after they had already agreed to sign it. 
Hence I lost the job in China. 
It was such a little thing for the director of Washington Language school to do.
 But she lied to me and would not do it. Why? I don't really know. 
My friends think it might have been because the person after me caused problems. 

Sajik Little Campus: Dongnae, Pusan

Beware of... 
Sajik Little Campus 
Sajik 3-dong, Dongnae-gu 132-9 
Pusan, S. Korea 

The managerial skills of the current manager at Sajik Little Campus in 
Dongnae, Pusan, are non-existant. 
Our director had no idea what an E2 visa was.....Severence pay... Clueless 
about that as well.  "What's that?" She consulted a 
dictionary, but there was still no comprehension because when I brought up 
the topic again she pleaded ignorance. 
Pay was late... on more than one occasion.  At one point I refused to work 
because my pay was so late. Guilt trips were dished out... "Be patient... We 
don't have any money."  That was too hard to believe considering that they 
had just installed six air conditionars in the school and had just hired 
another Korean kindergarten teacher.  At this point, the school still owes me 
money. Considering the greedy nature of the owners I highly doubt that I will 
see the money. 
Another important one... no medical insurance.  No medical insurance! 
A list of the manager's (and the owners' [her family]) shortcomings could go 
on for pages.  I've only listed the ones people are most concerned with here. 
The others might seem a bit trivial, but very frustrating nonetheless. 
Privacy... Non-existant, as well.  Although the living conditions were more 
than adequate the owners of the language school didn't honour the foreigners' 
wish for SOME privacy.  Their eyes were consistantly glued to our windows. 
They'd consistantly enter the apartment without notice, regardless if we were 
home or not.  On more than one occasion my roommate awoke only to see one of 
the owners standing in our apartment at eight, nine, ten o'clock on Saturday 
and/or Sunday mornings). 
The foreigners' apartment was also viewed as a storage space.  The owners 
took it upon themselves to move a baby grand piano into the apartment... 
without consulting any of the foreigners.  "No problem, right?" is what the 
owner said.  "Yes, it's a big f'n problem." the foreigners said.  "OK. It 
will be out in May." the owner said.  It's now August... it's still there. 
One foreign teacher was coerced to live in the owners' apartment.  An early 
curphew was also enforced.  A fine way to experience Korea... 
Do you want to feel like a hamster?  Work at Sajik Little Campus. 
Finally, I needed to take a few weeks off to attend to family matters in 
North America.   
I'm currently in North America and I have just been informed that I no longer 
have a job at the school.  I received notice from friends. The school hasn't 
notified me yet. So, as most people already working in Korea know, contracts 
don't mean s*%# to the managers and/or owners. 
Why did they ditch me?  Because the replacement foreign teacher has agreed to 
teach english to the manager's family... an offer I had rejected on a few 
occasions. This incident just proves that the manager and owners have no 
regard, and complete lack of respect for the foreign teachers... and the 
fellow Korean teachers, as well.       
So... If one is hunting for a job be sure to stay clear of Sajik Little 
Campus in Sajik 3-dong Dongnae-gu 132-9, Pusan. 
Good luck to all and try to enjoy your stint in Korea. 

E2 English School, Kimchon

I would like to say a few words about E2 English School in Kimchon. 
Many of your readers probably already know about the Sisa Yonga Sa 
chains, but this is just in case: 

I wouldn't say that E2 English School is "danger with a capital D," 
but I would say that any jobhunter can do better.  The hours are long 
and the pay is low.  I shared a sardine can with four other people, 
and at the time I left, some more people were moving in. 

The director doesn't know any more about foreign language pedagogy
than the Rabbit in the Moon.  He chooses the worst possible textbooks
and doesn't listen when teachers complain.  He is also a perennial
infant.  He slams his office door so often that the teachers hardly
even notice. 


Bull's academy fired me three weeks before the conclusion of my
contract.  the official reason being that "we don't want to pay your
bonus or plane ticket costs".  unfortunately, they also owed me a lot of
back pay money and locked me out of my apartment, keeping personal items
such as clothing, vaccination records, money, legal paperwork, etc.
basically everything.   have taken them to court, but after six months
and three court appearances nothing has happened.  just paper
shuffling.  i don't expect to get any of my personals back.  anyway, the
new teacher has just left after only two months.  anyway, the director
and his wife will probably take you for all they can, so my suggestion
is to just keep away.  if you have questions about this school, schools
in Kunsan or the korean legal system, contact me at:

F.L.S and Dee Dim Dol: - Su Sung Gu: Taegu

These schools had their teachers working (at one point)
48 hours a week - including Saturdays.  They had no vacation
and no severance.  The teachers were continually abused and
did not even know who the "real" boss was. The schools changed
ownership without telling the teachers and even "sold" the
instructors to other schools.  They were continually late with 
pay and owe at least two teachers a total of over 8 million 
Won (which they will never see).  The schools are in the 
process of losing all their students, and due to embezzlement
 of funds the owners will also get burned.

OJT Kindergarden - Taegu

Well, we made it.  We got out in one piece.  In case you are still 
keeping your blacklist, please add OJT Kinder Garten in Taegu.  The 
president/owner is Oh Jin Taek.  I was not paid and not given the 
apartment as promised in the contract.  It also took over three months 
to get health insurance.  Every possible contract item was re-negotiated 
with my boss trying to stiff me.  I could go on and on, but am trying to 

Oxford Language School - Chongju

Attention all teacher!!!!  Unless you are into S&M, avoid Oxford
Language School a.k.a Segue Language School in Chongju (Just North of
Taejon) like the plague.
The "owner" is a little man call Kim Min Ok.  He promised me a nice
apartment for myself and my Korean wife since I was paying for my airfare
to and from Korea.
When I got to the apartment, it turned out to be two small filthy rooms
behind a soju bar with a shared washroom to be used with the drunk patrons.
I told Mr. Kim that this was not acceptable and ask what was he
At that time, Mr. Kim's screws in his head were turning on how to
make my life miserable.  
He told me that he spend 2.4 million won for the place. We called up
the owner of the soju bar and he told us that he spent only 200,000 won for
the rent.  Mr. Kim kept on pushing that he spent 2.4 million to make us
feel bad and to give him our pity.
Mr. Kim is in the habit of placing teachers in front of pres-schools,
middle schools where it seem that the children are in fear of the Korean
teachers because they slap them around.  My classes in pre-school were
basically in front of 25-30 children, hungry at lunch time with only flash
cards to keep them happy.  I was to play the part of the clown to
"entertain" them.  The Korean children view Western teachers as fun time
and a break from the hard regime of Korean teachers  He also kept lying
saying that it was legal to teach at schools and apartments outside the
hogwon (it is not).
Mr. Kim is just a poor business man.  He does not have a morning
secretary or a telephone answering machine to return calls about people
wanting to go to the language school.  In the traditional Korean
mentallity, he aimed his failures at a teacher to feel better about
himself, shaming people tends to be Mr. Kim best profession.
At the end, I left because my wife was expecting and we were both
starting to chew at each other because of the stress Mr. Kim brought to our
lives.  Mr. Kim once had a teacher's meeting and told me in front of the
other teacher "I could fire you, but I am a Christian."  When I quit, he
called up my wife's sister to tell her the he had to fire me.  he played
the father figure were he tried his best with me, and that I was the
deviant son.  After getting in a converstion with my wife's sister, he
promised to give me my alien registration card back to me (it was in
process in Taejon and he illegally picked it up), a release form, and the
remainder of my money that he owned me (889,000 won).  It did not happen.  
My wife called his home and tried to talk to Mr. Kim's wife thinking
that she would have some common sense.  Her response was that she was just
the owner and that she was not in charge of the school (Does that defy
logic).  Mr. Kim did this because when he had to go to court because he
ripped off another teacher of 10,000,000 won because he was paying the
teacher "bit by bit."  He said that he was just a worker and that he did
not own the language school.  In my time there (2 months) not did not once
see Mrs. Kim come in.
Due to the stress I believe in part, my wife had a one month
premature baby.  My wife and my baby are ok now, but now that I could not
work legally in Korea I found it hard to work so I was forced to work
illegally on a tourist visa.
I enjoyed Korea.  The students are friendly and kind and my wife is
Korean.  It is just a shame that maggots like Mr. Kim exist to spoil it.  I
finish my first contact in Inchon in 1995, so I am not some whining person.
I am Canadian, and we are taught in life that a deal is a deal and that a
contract is a promise.  So often, this is not so in Korea.  I am now back
in Canada and I feel that I will not go back to Korea to teach again
because of this scumball class one.  
I would also like to thank that the Taejon Immigartion Department for
their "help".  My wife telephoned them and ask told them about our
situation with Mr. Kim and his abuse of power.  The immigration guy bluntly
said that the Korean owner is always right and that Western teacher deserve
what comes to them.  He also told my wife that it was my fault that I
signed the contract and for coming to Korea!!!! 

If you need any more information about him or if you want me to talk
to a friend that is thinking about teaching in Korea, give me a ring at

Later Michael Kelly, BA.

Sung Il Academy - Suwon, Korea,

I worked in a language institute (hogwan) in Suwon, Korea, called Sung Il 
Hogwan.  The owner is one of the worst people I have ever met.  Besides 
being a chauvanistic Korean male, he is completely unstable.  His violence 
was ever-present.  He threw a coffee cup at one teacher, which broke on the 
wall and shards of ceramic hit the teacher in the face.  The director would 
hit children, who were students, with a stick (is this normal Korean 
behavior?).  Every teacher I knew for the year I was in Korea, broke the 
contract and left, and the information I have is that other teachers since 
have left, too.  I was transferred to another hogwan where things were much 
better, except that the hogwan director's brother was a thief and stole some 
money from me.  I protested, but I was a foreigner and I knew better.  

The big problem is that this man can travel to the US and recruit people 
from universities and colleges.  They go there and then run away.  I wrote 
to the United States Consolate a list of complaints about this guy, 
recommending that they revoke his travel visa.  Maybe now he is recruiting 
in Canada.  There are a lot of Canadian teachers in Suwon and Korea.  

The Director got in a fight with one teacher and later in the evening three 
thugs and the dirctor showed up at the teacher's home and they beat up the 
teacher.  The teacher left the next day, of course.

I think this sums up most of the overall negative experiences I and many 
other techers have about Korea.  I have read some people's articles in TESOL 
papers, who were in Suwon also.  I believe they wrote about positive 
experiences because they were fairly unconscious and naive.  Of course, some 
people probably have not had the horror experience I had.  But many have had 
that and worse.  
Robert Toomey    bobrec@hyper.netchina.co.cn

Chonan College - Chonan University

I urge you to add Chonan College of Foreign Studies/Chonan Christian
University/Chonan University to your Korea greylist/blacklist. I worked
there last year. The thing that shocked me the most was that they tried
to make me change religion and attend the church of their choice. They
unilaterally cut my pay in half, and then, when I left, stiffed me for
two months of the contract. And I had to fight to get my severance pay.
Trouble was, I wouldn't go along with a few illegalities, like forging
papers claiming we were holding classes we weren't, and arbitrarily
raising student grades to circumvent government requirements. At one
point I was getting threatening phone calls, and administrators banging
on my door in the night. Very ugly bunch.

They hired six or seven new teachers when I left. None are now renewing
their contracts. So I guess they haven't changed.

Best get the word out, and nobody else need get burned.

Kookmin University - Seoul.

In February 1997 Kookmin University hired 8 new teachers 
for the Foreign Language Department. 

Three of the previous 4 teachers decided not to resign 
their contracts. July 1997 one unhappy teacher decided to 
quit.  Another teacher was hired. November 1997,7 teachers
have been asked to renew their contracts for February of
next year.

Six teachers have, or in all probability will, refuse
to sign again.  The person who signed in July 1997 is 
seriously considering cutting her contract. 

Kookmin University Foreign Language Department is not
a happy place to work at. 

Kookmin University Foreign Language Department is currently 
hiring new teachers.(11/28/97) 

John & Michael's Foreign Language Institute - 3S Corporation/Han
& Pyong Foreign Language School 

The subject school needs to be put on the watch list:

1.  Ph:  (02) 525-5551, Seocho Station, Seoul

2.  English speaking point of contact:  Douglas Kim

3.  Owner:  Mr. Choi

4.  The school has gone through teachers like water
       ever since I began there February 11, 1996.

5.  They're in severe financial hot water in the moment.

6.  I was called by Douglas Kim and told November 24, 1997
       that the school is closing.

7.  November 25, 1997 I met Douglas Kim and he indicated 
       that one teacher will continue to teach there through 
       the expiration offer contract in May 1998.  He also 
       indicated that he's seeking other employment.  Why he's

    dragging around people to introduce them in situations 
       where they may very well not be paid is beyond me.

8.  Another teacher is leaving next week.  His contract
       doesn't expire until February 1998.

9.  My contract doesn't expire until l March 1998.

10. This school is currently trying to recruit teachers
       to broker out. They've asked a friend, a broker with
       whom I've worked, to field their calls for this purpose 
       using his (02) 292-5100 phone number.  Apparently
       they're doing this to conceal who the actual employer
       is and this is a desperate attempt to get the cash
       together to reopen.

11. Between March 1997 and November 1997 this school has 
       laid off the office manager, me, effective October 1,
       the office support staff, and the marketing department.
       Further, they've rented out the 4th floor and
       remodeled the 3rd floor to make it smaller.

12. In February 1997 I was told they'd rented out their 
       3rd floor school in Shinsol-dong to another party but
       I later learned that another teacher on staff was
       teaching my classes for less per hour.

13. When I was laid off another person was hired to teach 
       the classes I'd been teaching for less per hour; I was
       told that the classes were being canceled.  

The people at this school have as a rule always been kind
to me and have tried to consider my personal financial 
situation with which they are intimately aware.  However, 
they have resorted to acts of desperation during 1997 and 
this has clouded the judgment of Mr. Choi who on more
occasion has flown off the handle and threatened to have
me deported, reported to immigration, and what have you.
Do yourselves a favour and don't invite stress into your life.
There are other working situations in many locations throughout Korea.

Easy Foreign Language Institute - Chonan City.

It is owned by BL (British Language) International. 
The director is Kim Mun Su.
Korea can be a great place to visit. It's a beautiful
country. The food and the people are fabulous. Korea 
might be a good place to teach English if you do a lot
of research, including reading all "Grey Lists!" 

We (my wife and I) did our research. We thought we 
had an okay job at an okay institute in Ch'onan City. 
We didn't. The first 3 months were okay, the next 3
months were trying and the final 2 months were terrible.
It is a poorly organized school with a maniacal director 
prone to violent mood swings.  We left after many months 
of increasingly unreasonable behaviour on his part. 

The catalyst for our departure was an "agreement"
he was trying to force us to sign. (If any one is 
interested in obtaining a copy of this "agreement"
we would be happy to oblige; we'll send it by snailmail; 

contact us through the "Grey List.") The "agreement"
blamed us for all his business woes. Kim Mun Su is 
an incompetent businessman.  He was having problems 
before we arrived. He does not advertise. He loses 

students because of his personality problems. 
He has also lost 5 teachers including us in the last
year.  Besides having violent mood swings he is 
also mean-spirited and greedy. He reneged on verbal and 
written agreements which we made in good faith.  

The final straw was his violence towards one of
our students. A number of students were upset 
because he reneged on contracts he made with them.

They confronted him (something almost unheard of 
in  Korea, but they did it with respect using all 
the proper higher forms of speech). He yelled at

them and insulted them using the lowest form
of speech until one student could no longer bear 
his rudeness and got up to leave. At this point the 

director tried to hit the student and only
failed to do so because another student stopped him.
Once we heard this we felt it would only be a matter 

of time before he tried to use physical violence
to subdue us as well, so we left.  

We didn't want to leave. We liked our students and
had built a strong 
network of friends 
(Korean and foreign) in and around Ch*onan. We tried 

hard to complete our contract: we had only 4 months 
remaining, but Mr. Kim made it impossible for us to
teach.  He is interested in maintaining the school
only for his own financial gain. His employees' and
the students' interests are annoyances to which he 
pays lip service hoping no one will notice his lies
and greediness. However, the students did notice
and so did we.

In the final 3 months that we were at Easy, most
of our long-term students confided in us that they
 were not renewing their contracts. They also told us 

about the other teachers who were there before us
 and how they left after only 2 or 3 months of 
working at Easy. We managed to stay 8 months because 

there were two of us and together we were able to 
resist the madness of the situation.  
We pity the poor solitary soul who has replaced
us. Kim Mun Su and Easy Foreign Language Institute 
should be avoided if you want to have a positive
experience in Korea.

E-zone, is a recruitment agency located in Chang-dong, Seoul.

I worked there for 3 weeks as a recruiter until
 I finally realized what sort of person I was working 
for. The manager of E-zone is a Mr Peter Rhee, who 
has spent some time in America. At first he comes
 over as a reasonably nice guy however he is really
 out to hurt foreigners. He does not like them and
 he sees any business with them as an exercise in
exploitation. I am currently taking him to court 
as he refuses to pay me for work that I have done 
and there are many people in the same boat as I 
under his recruitment. I am not so much worried 
about the money (about $900 US) that is owing but
 it is people like this that create a bad image of
 Korea abroad. I think your blacklist is a good
idea to warn potential employees.

Jel World Language Institute - Ulsan.

The school has been opened only two years, and has
 had approximately twelve teachers.  Of those, only 
three have finished their one year contracts.  I 
worked with two of the teachers that finished their
 contracts and they did not leave happy, but only
 stayed out of the need to pay off bills.  I could
write pages off all the ways the director and his
 wife have scammed money from the foreign teachers,
 but I will only tell my personal story here. The
 director of Jel World brought me to Korea to contract
 me out to another school.  After working their for 
five months, I discovered that the school he was
 contracting me out to was not legal for foreign 
teachers to work at as it was a preschool.  I refused 
to work at the illegal school and demanded that he
 move me to Jel World where my visa said that I worked. 
 After three days of no decision from him, I finally 
got a call from my recruiter who said that James
 (the director) had threatened that he would go to
immigration about me as he had "connections" in 
Ulsan immigration.  He was threatening me after 
he was the one who brought me all the way to Korea 
to work illegally!  I contacted the Canadian Embassy 
who assured me I would be okay and offered to call me
 director and set him straight on who would be in 
trouble here.  My director soon telephoned me for a 
meeting at which time he offered me a job at his 
school although I would have to take a pay cut and
 sign on for another year meaning I would not get 
the severance that would have been coming to me in
November.  I had no choice but to accept or leave
 Korea.  Now I am stuck here until next May.  To 
top this all off, my director told me I would not
 be paid for the time I had worked that month at 
the illegal school unless I went to teach there 
one more day.  I said 'forget it' since I should
 have been paid this money no questions asked.  I 
never got the money and my director had the nerve 
to say to me that he was 'very angry' with me. On
 top of this he has been ripping me off on tax every
 month, charging me 7% and only paying 4% to the tax 
office.  The difference has been going into his pocket. 
 He has done this to every teacher that ever came to 
JEL.  He wrote a written promise to the last teacher 
to leave, that he would pay her back the tax when
 her contract finished, but reneged on the deal before
 she left knowing that she had only a short time
 to catch her flight and, therefore, couldn't go to 
the labour office.  He also chose to rip her off on 
her overtime on the last pay too, but he does this
 often so we weren't surprised.
We now have only three teachers at our school with 
one going to do the midnight run next week as she 
is fed up with our director.  The two of us left
 wish we could do the same, but will be left, 
instead, with about 200 students to teach.

Sae Kye Foreign Language Institution- Tongnae-Ku, Pusan, Korea.

The first two months I lived in a cheap hotel.  Now I am living in 
a poorly constructed apartment. I suffered a mild concussion due to 
faulty installation of ceiling lights.  The bathroom facilities are
public bathrooms.  There is no cooking appliance.  There is no hot 
water for showers or washing dishes.  The plumbing is such that the
food from other floors drains into our restroom. This clogs all the 
drains and floods the bathroom.  Heating is going to be a major 
problem in the winter.  It is a wind tunnel for mosquitoes, rain, 
cold and pollution.

Chicago Language Academy in Seoul and Chinju.

After working for 3 months we finally got a kitchen table!
(Before that we were to buy our own) I gave my notice after getting
tired of no support, bad text books, the office was in Seoul no-one
spoke English, and passed the buck-I was paid less than half my salary
because of various deductions. I was already in Korea and they didn't
pay for me to come out here. You'll find bad things about them in other
blacklists, but like I said-AVOID THESE PEOPLE LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!

Time Foreign Language Institute

It's a joke. The people don't have a clue about how to run a 
business let alone a school. I lived in a classroom! I had no
shower or kitchen. The school promised medical insurance
and didn't deliver.Pohnag is a steel town so don't let any 
fast talking placement agencies tell you

that it is a beautiful paradise. The agency that sent me here
said it was the wind surfing capital of Korea.......NOT.
Pohang is a steel town so don't let any fast talking placement 
agencies tell

you that it is a beautiful paradise.  It's a nightmare!! 

INTERNATIONAL KOREA (formerly Universal Korea),

Note: This is school is now under new management 
- Update soon

Mr. Kwon has a long record of firing good teachers, refusing severance
pay, and trying to cheat every penny possible out of his employees.
 He has told new teachers upon arrival that there was a "mistake" 
in their contracts so their pay would be less than what they had 
signed to. He has ratted on other hagwons that use
illegal teachers, while doing the same thing himself. He has video
cameras set up not only in all of the classrooms, but also in the
hallways, waiting rooms, and teachers' lounge. Kwon Young Ho is one 
of the greediest, most mean-spirited people I have ever met. 
Please everyone, avoid his businesses at all costs!

English Training Center, Kangnam-ku, Yucksam-dong, Seoul. 

Main office is very near the Kangnam subway station, off Teheranno.  


I could rant and rave, but suffice it to say that ETC 
is best avoided unless your idea of

great work is not being paid, having your 
contract vacation time slashed or unpaid, 
not being paid for working
holidays, being lied to, being threatened,
being coerced, and generally being mistreated 
as an employee.  9 contract teachers got 
hammered when new ownership tookover 
what was a pretty reasonable place to work.
Perhaps the most odious thing about it is the American 
"Academic Director", who is essentially a 
mouthpiece for the owner,and gets paid really well 
to serve that function. 
He knowingly sabotaged efforts to confront the 
owner over pay issues etc... the whole time maintaining
that he was availing himself of the downtrodden teachers.

This is one of those schools that serves as an
example of what can go wrong when teaching in Korea.
BLACKLIST: THE FOLLOWING DIRECTORS AND THEIR SCHOOLS SHOULD BE AVOIDED AS THEY ARE NOTORIOUS FOR RENEGING ON CONTRACTS, PROVIDING SHIT HOUSING, AND DEPORTING ANY TEACHER WHO COMPLAIN. THE DIRECTORS OF THESE SCHOOLS ARE EX-TRMEMLY MEGALOMANIC AND MENTALLY UNSTABLE TO THE POINT OF USING MAFIOSO TACTICS TO THREATEN TEACHERS! CHO YOUNG GYO and any schools associated with her name: Sli, Yes and the airline English school. Ms Cho has abused, fired and deported 4 teachers in 8 months. Her contract violates 4 counts of Korean Labour Law. CHO BYOUNG HONG and his schools - namely ETS. Teachers are often unpaid and have to live in Mr. Cho's house (here he can monitor them). He has lost 10 teachers in the last 6 months. JUNG HEE KUN and all EBS agencies. First, EBS is not an offical school. It is an agency that farms teachers out to different schools for profit. It cannot legally hire nor provide work permits. Mr. Jung confiscates his teachers passports to hold them hostage. He also physically threatens teachers. LIKE schools have similar reputations for not honouring contracts, cheating teachers out of pay and for poor housing.